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"I love Actors Workshop Studios! I come from a theater background and thanks to Actors Workshop Studios, my career in film and TV has been launched. They helped me get a wonderful agent and they provide me with auditions every week with the top casting directors and producers in LA and San Diego. I recommend Actors Workshop Studios with all my heart!"
Michelle Earnest

"I have landed several feature film roles due to the weekly auditions held here at Actors Workshop Studios. I am not represented by an agent but thanks to my training and all of the auditions held here, I'm always working! Actors Workshop Studios is the place to be."
Elizabeth Esquibel

"When I started at Actors Workshop Studios, I had virtually no prior experience - just a dream. I wanted to act. Thanks to Actors Workshop Studios, I've got two agents and a lead in a feature film."
Carolyn Owens

"My 12-year old son joined the kids class, and I started the adult beginner session. When we joined Actors Workshop Studios, neither of us had any prior acting experience. Within one month, my son had an agent, has gone out on lots of auditions, and landed jobs. We've had the opportunity to act together and audition for top LA and San Diego agents, producers, and casting directors. Thank you, Actors Workshop Studios - none of this would have been possible without you. We love you!"
Maurene and Sean Mongan

"Actors Workshop Studios gave me the confidence and skills to jump start my acting career. I got an Agent and now I stay busy working in San Diego and LA."
Jack Silbaugh

"I've been acting on the East Coast for about ten years in summer stock and no-budget films. I moved to San Diego and discovered Actors Workshop Studios and within six months, I landed an agent and actually got roles in TV shows and feature films. Actors Workshop Studios not only helped me hone my craft but also taught me the correct way to market myself."
Matt Ragan

"Everyone has a certain degree of talent within them. Thanks to Actors Workshop Studios, I was able to develop my talents by learning the foundational techniques and skills needed to be a successful actor. I have landed agents in San Diego and LA, and have worked on numerous network TV shows and feature films. Thanks guys!"
Danny R. Hitt

"I came to Actors Workshop Studios because I wanted to know how other people perceived me. With their 3-camera set-up and all the on-camera training they do, it was easy! What I didn't expect was to work in the industry full-time, which is what I do now! Thank you Actors Workshop Studios for letting me use all your resources and contacts!"
Tim Stronk

"I looked at several other studios before visiting Actors Workshop Studios. The first thing that struck me was the professional appearance of the facility. It was clean, organized, and high-tech. I came to the first class with only amateur stage experience. After about two months of training I appeared in my first showcase and landed an agent. Since I joined Actors Workshop Studios, I have been challenged, honed, stretched, directed, and encouraged in my career."
Guy LaPlante

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