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Jobs Landed

Actors Workshop Studios provides opportunities to audition for many film, television, and commercial jobs. We also help with obtaining agency representation in Los Angeles and San Diego.

We have actors of all ages, sizes, colors, and look who have landed starring, co-starring, and feature roles in San Diego and Los Angeles productions.

The following is a list of some of the projects our actors have been appearing in.

Disney Channel TV Show - Win, Lose or Draw    Kasey Murphy   
National Volkswagen Commercial    Henry Shotwell   
Repossession Mambo-Feature Film    Tiffany Espensen   
Fame-Feature Film    Tiffany Espensen   
The Ex List-TV Show    Jason McMahon   
Palo Alto, CA-Feature Film    Jason McMahon   
Popeyes Chicken- National Commercial    Ennis Jackson   
Popeyes Chicken-Natinal Commercial    Stephen Walters   
Veronica Mars-TV Show    Stephen Walters   
Charlie Wilsons War- Feature Film    Navid Negahban   
Hannah Montanna-TV Show    Tiffany Espensen   
Shark-TV Show    Navid Negahban   
Univision - Commercial    Ninette Rios   
Silk Stalkings -TV Show    Ray Morris   
AT&T - Commercial    Maritza Murray   
Days of Our Lives - Soap Opera    Rochelle Swanson   
ABC -TV Series Pilot - Series Regular    Ryan Johnson   
Silk Stalkings -TV Show    Manny Carzola   
Wounded Heart - Movie of the Week    Rene Fernandez   
Honey Comb - Commercial    Michael Hilker   
Victoria's Secret - Commercial    Daniela Baumann   
Nightman -TV Show    Ray Morris   
Renegade -TV Show    Jared Kelner   
Jack in the Box - Commercial    Mike Jordan   
Sunny Delight - Commercial    Xavier Garcia   
Big Bad Beetleborgs -TV Show    Pam Paulson   
Feature Film    Rochelle Swanson   
Pensacola -TV Show    Ray Morris   
Honeycomb - Commercial    Michael Hilker   
Wolf - Feature Film    Gina Giacinto   
San Diego Zoo - Commercial    Ryan Johnson   
Staples - Commercial    Eric Leuters   
Renegade -TV Show    Danny Hitt   
Clyde is Alive - Film    Mary Rennie   
The Amazing Attic - Film    Marcella Sassano   
High Tide -TV Show    Danny Hitt   
All Blame Aside - Film    Frances Powell   
Max's Restaurant - Commercial    Sean Mongan   
West - Film    Hubert Wiley   
Circle of Violence - Film    Dave Norvell   
Waiting to Exhale - Feature Film    Kenya Cribbs   
The Laundromat - Film    Frances Powell   
Interpretation - Film    Anne Sterling   
Two Foreign Guys - Feature Film    Amanda Comito   
Dropping Weight - Film    James Mahan   
Music Box -TV Show    Andy Milner   
Clyde is Alive - Film    Leslie Durso   
Two Foreign Guys - Feature Film    Navid Negahban   
Killing Time - Film    Joe Baker   
Ham and Cheese -TV Show    Jennifer Gaynor   
Darkening of the Light - Feature Film    Paul Dolan   
Darkening of the Light - Feature Film    Elizabeth Esquibel   
Something About Dogs - Feature Film    Dee Baldus   
Interpretation - Film    Brian Stigall   
Little Jake - Film    Cecile Cinco   
Dropping Weight - Film    Karen Abbott   
Traffic - Feature Film    Kay Love   
Ham and Cheese - TV Show    Tammie Sirotenko   
Whispering Steps - TV Show    Marcella Sassano   
Divorce Court - TV Show    Carolyn Owens   
Angels with Attitude - Feature Film    Anne Sterling   
Commercial    Carolyn Owens   
TV Pilot    Lashewn Bridgewater   
Security Systems - Commercial    James Mahan   
The Day The Devil Wept - Industrial    Vivian Lee   
Stop the Violence - PSA    Dion & Duane Moore   
Lords of the Mafia - TV Show    Navid Negahban   
Max's Restaurant - Commercial    Maurene Mongan   
Money Love - Feature Film    Amanda Comito   
Discovery Channel - Documentary    Stephen Walters   
Crayola - National Commercial    Zachery Wolf   
Airtime Cellular - Commercial    Nicole Stoughton   
St Josephs Hospital - Commercial    Rebecca Lamey   
Sketch Comedy - Pilot    Georgia Jean   
ESPN - Commercial    Al Atkinson   
Commercial    Michelle Earnest   
Metobolife - Commercial    Stephen Walters   
Heart Hospital - Commercial    Jack Silbaugh   
Cake - Feature Film    Georgia Jean   
Nike - Commercial    Maritza Murray   
Bodyguard Belt - National Commercial    Andy Milner   
LA Confidential - Feature Film    Sarah Kalen   
Showtime at the Apollo - TV Show    Dion and Duane Moore   
Cake - Feature Film    Jo Baker   
Energy Drink - Commercial    Elizabeth Esquibel   
Sketch Comedy Pilot    Matt Regan   
National Car Rental - National Commercial    Al Atkinson   
NCR - Commercial    Bodie Campagna   
McGraw Hill Publishing - National Commercial    Gaetan Fraikin   
Feature Film - Lead    Erin Rhodes   
The Day the Devil Wept - Industrial    Carolyn Owens   
Two Foreign Guys - Feature Film    Jeph Zook   
Sitcom - Series Regular    Jack Silbaugh   
Two Foreign Guys - Feature Film    Lou Braun   
Lords of the Mafia - TV Show    J.P. Stacey   
Energy Drink - Commercial    Lou Braun   
Girls Night Out - Feature Film    David Taylor   
The House - Series Regular    Matt Ragan   
Girl Meets Boy - Feature Film    J.P. Stacey   
Q-4 Pilot - TV Show - Series Regular    John Perdue   
Two Foreign Guys - Feature Film    Navid Negaban   
Right to Read PSA - Commercial    Sean Mongan   
18 Wheels of Justice -TV Show    West Gardner   
Traffic - Feature Film    Anne Sterling   
18 Wheels of Justice -TV Show    Stephen Walters   
Coke - Commercial    Maritza Murray   
Blockbuster - Commercial    Nicole Stoughton   
Oscar Meyer - Commercial    Michael Cobrda   
Coors Light - Commercial    Bill Tompkins   
Invisible Man -TV Show    Stephen Walters   
Disney - National Commercial    Olia Parker   
Kodak - National Commercial    Bill Tompkins   
JC Penny - Commercial    Jennifer Gamalinda   
Real Stories of the Highway Patrol -TV Show    Ray Morris   
Coca Cola - Commercial    J.P. Stacey   
Falling Down - Feature Film    Valentino Harrison   
Beverly Hills 90210 -TV Show    Durancy Bryant   
Pensacola -TV Show    Ana Hayden   
Casino - Feature Film    Joe A. Anastasi   
Pensicola -TV Show    Matt Ragan   
It's a Miracle -TV Show - Guest Star    Nicole Stoughton   
Friends -TV Show    Sarah Kalen   
Snickers - National Commercial    Bill Tompkins   
Saved By the Bell -TV Show - Series Regular    Samantha Becker   
Pacific Palisades -TV Show    Danny Hitt   
General Hospital - Soap Opera    Rene Fernandez   
Martin - TV Show    Valentino Harrison   
Young and the Restless - Soap Opera    Jack Patterson   
Baywatch -TV Show    Rochelle Swanson   
Boston Common -TV Show    Shane Benton   
Chicago Hope -TV Show    Durancy Byrant   
Beverly Hills 90210 -TV Show    Kimberly Janese   
Friends -TV Show    Brian Perry   
Bring It On - Feature Film    David Edwards   

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